Important patterns What do you think the most important patterns are?

Yesterdays weather, interrupt pattern and scrumming the Scrum. Those are the 3 patterns Jeff Sutherland says he always implement in every team.

I don’t disagree. We have now implemented these patterns in my current team and we are seeing a 2-3x improvement after 3 sprints. If we had only heard of these patterns earlier! Yesterdays weather helps out in a lot of ways. First of all it’s really easy and saves time and effort in calculating how many story points the team can commit to for the next sprint. It also helps the team to not overcommit. Overcommitment is one of the worst things for morale and motivation. Not being able to finish a sprint with all stories moved to done time after time crushes team spirit. Together with the interrupt pattern which calculates for all kinds of typical interrupts during a sprint (high priority bugfix in production etc) a 4th pattern actually emerges – Teams that finish early, accelerate faster. By not overcommiting the team can start pulling stories and the morale and motivation gets a boost. Its not about velocity, its about acceleration!

The last pattern, scrumming the Scrum, is about continuous improvement. Take the most important improvement the team can do (the kaizen) and put it into the sprint backlog as a separate item. This causes the team to self-organize on removing that single most important impediment. This systematical approach to continuous improvement is very beneficial in the long run – helping the team to always find and remove impediments, which leads to the possibility of increasing the teams velocity.

I’m hoping our focus on these 3 patterns will help us achieve even higher productivity than we’re already seeing. We’re out to a good start at least!


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